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ViTalent understands the complexities involved with effectively supporting site & decentralized clinical studies.  We offer comprehensive talent and resource solutions that support efficient clinical operations, optimized participant care, and accurate data collection.

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Customized solutions to meet your unique clinical study needs.

Flexible Decentralized & Site Staffing Solutions

Responsive staffing solutions allow CRO and sponsor companies to meet even the tightest timelines. Leveraging a nationwide pool of highly experienced clinical research nurses and clinicians provides our clients with flexibility to manage protocols, visit windows and subject availability.

Customized Staffing Solutions for Improved Clinical Trials

Our life sciences team understands the fluctuations that occur within the trial environment. Our custom configured solutions include study administration, project management, nursing, lab and quality experts.

Clinical Resource Management Programs

A program level approach to managing and coordinating clinical resources in decentralized studies. Our comprehensive, end-to-end program level solution allows Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and Sponsors to strategically outsource functional responsibility for clinical sourcing, management and coordination unique to decentralized clinical trials.

Streamlining Clinical Operations

Efficient & effective clinical trial talent solutions

With decades of experience and a commitment to quality, ViTalent is a leading provider of clinical trial talent solutions.  Our deep industry knowledge, responsive account teams, and robust network of clinicians, study management and coordination resources make us a key strategic partner for top-tier Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and Sponsors.

Industry leading nationwide network of clinical research nurses and clinicians

Experienced and dedicated life science focused account teams

Site & decentralized trial resources acting as an extension of client’s clinical operations

Flexible talent solutions configured to your unique needs within study management, laboratory, and quality.

Simplifying the decentralized environment

Experts in Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions

ViTalent’s origins are rooted in decentralized clinical trial support.  We understand first-hand the unique challenges of supporting remote studies and have been integral in conducting over 16,000 decentralized subject visits since our inception.  

From rapid deployment of PRN nurses to full time study support, ViTalent’s clinical research team and nationwide network of clinicians is poised to help.  

PRN nurse support

Full time, dedicated nurse and clinician support of specific studies, geographic regions or subject base

Study management including study managers, country coordinators, project managers and coordinators

24/7, After Hours and Emergency Call Center Support

Comprehensive clinical resource management and coordination

Leveraging our decentralized trial expertise

Outsourced Resource Coordinators relieve the burden

We recognize that Contract Research Organizations face many obstacles as they navigate decentralized trials. Further, complexities compound when sourcing, managing and coordinating nurses across multiple studies, trials, geographies and agencies.

ViTalent has developed an end-to-end solution that leverages our deep knowledge of nurse sourcing, management and coordination within decentralized clinical trials.  The holistic program enables our clients to outsource this critical function to a trusted partner.  Our Clinical Resource Coordinators and support teams add value in the following ways:

Provide primary subject visit coordination to reduce client burden

Outsource complex staffing coordination activities related to decentralized clinical trial resource management

Reduce costs associated with visit specific staffing & optimize nursing resources geographically across the entire portfolio

Single source for nurse communication, visit coordination and scheduling, training and orientation, original visit document quality, and fill rates

Improve patient satisfaction and study data accuracy by utilizing a team of dedicated CRO professionals

About ViTalent

A proven track record

Our leadership has successfully recruited, trained, deployed, and developed hundreds of resources to support company and client needs. VITalent was formed to leverage this experience and close the skills, diversity and resource gaps in Life Sciences, Clinical Research, and Healthcare.

Research visits conducted in the last 24 months
STEM professionals developed scaling well-respected life sciences consulting firms
Network of experienced healthcare clinicians
Years consulting expertise in healthcare and life sciences professional services businesses

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